Fishing Boat That Sank Off of Washington Coast in March Located by Investigators

On Sunday, a fishing boat that was lost at sea earlier this year was found approximately 20 miles from Leadbetter Point near Willapa Bay. The United States Coast Guard and a maritime salvage business located the Lady Cecilia in nearly 500 feet of water. The 70-foot fishing ship reportedly sank without warning in early March. No distress signals were issued and all four men who were aboard the boat are believed to have drowned in the incident.

After the ship sank this past winter, the Coast Guard arrived at the scene of the accident in response to an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) signal. Alerts from EPIRB signals are normally issued only after a device mounted high on a ship becomes submerged. Upon arrival, a Coast Guard helicopter reportedly found only an oil slick and an empty life raft. Unfortunately, skipper Dave Nichols, fisheries observer Christopher Langel, and deckhands Jason Bjaranson and Luke Jensen were nowhere to be found. All four men are presumed dead.

It is unclear exactly what caused the 34-year-old fishing boat to sink. In the past, a rogue wave, a collision with a cargo ship, ongoing maintenance issues, and alleged safety deficiencies aboard the vessel were proposed as possible causes for the tragedy. In April, the Coast Guard conducted a hearing during which electricians, mechanics, and others who were familiar with the boat provided testimony regarding the physical condition of the Lady Cecilia prior to the incident. Investigators reportedly hope to use data from the vessel itself in order to determine why it unexpectedly sank. Once video and other information is examined, the findings will be discussed during a public hearing before a formal Board of Investigators in Astoria, Oregon.

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