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We Are Friends to Seamen and Passengers

Dedicated attorneys, Gordon Charles Webb, John Merriam and George Kargianis have more than 75 years of combined experience in maritime and admiralty law. We have the know-how and skill to resolve your legal issues but, unlike some larger firms, we will never sacrifice the personal service and individual attention you need.

John, in the Seattle office at Fishermen's Terminal, was a merchant seaman for 12 years while working his way through college and law school. He has practiced maritime law since 1982.

Gordon, in the Bellevue office near Lake Washington, was a commercial fisherman and boat builder before starting to practice law in 1993. He has an L.L.M. (a Master's Degree in Admiralty and Maritime Law) from Tulane University Law School.

George, of Counsel, in both the Seattle and Bellevue offices, is recognized as being one of the nation’s pre-eminent trial attorneys. Over the years, he has handled a number of landmark maritime cases, including catastrophic injury and death cases. In addition he handles medical negligence suits, Federal Tort Claims on behalf of veterans against the Federal Government and product liability litigation. Such cases have included adverse drug reaction injuries, failed medical devices or appliances, improperly designed or manufactured vehicles and component parts thereof as well as unsafe and/or improperly manufactured consumer products. Mr. Kargianis has successfully challenged drug-testing protocols utilized by several major drug manufacturers and has established that their testing procedures were inadequate and unsafe. Mr. Kargianis pioneered the toxic shock syndrome cases having filed the first of such lawsuits in the United States. In addition, he handled a number of IUD injury cases. Recently he has been instrumental in obtaining record settlements for E-Coli victims; the so called “Jack in the Box” cases. He specializes in complex litigation and has obtained a number of record multi-million dollar recoveries on behalf of his clients. He has also handled injury and wrongful death claims arising out of highway accidents and railroad train collisions as well as airline crashes. In addition, he has successfully handled a number of landmark suits against various agencies resulting in, among other things, the removal of the tolls from the Hood Canal Bridge. Mr. Kargianis is recognized as being a specialist in class action, having handled a number of record judgments since the early 1980s. He has experience acting as both lead and colead counsel in cases in state and federal jurisdictions within the State of Washington. Such cases have included contract disputes, actions for compensation for nursing home providers, and actions for various medical trust funds for reimbursement from the tobacco industry.

Experience, Integrity and Personalized Legal Services

For help pursuing benefits under the Jones Act or other maritime laws, you need one of our experienced attorneys on your side. For a free initial consultation, call our Seattle office at 206-729-5252, or our Bellevue office at 425-454-3800.

We realize that not every case is the same and, more importantly, not every person has the same problems and concerns. Our lawyers represent a wide variety of people who spend time at sea for work or pleasure, including:

  • Cruise ship passengers
  • Commercial fishermen and seafood processors
  • Merchant seamen
  • Tug and barge workers
  • Washington State ferry employees and passengers
  • Passengers and crew on pleasure boats and yachts

We provide competent representation from experienced attorneys who are focused on being honest about our clients' options. We will never steer you in the wrong direction and will always help you obtain your objectives.

We Are Friends to Seamen and Passengers

It can be lonely out at sea, but it doesn't have to be that way when you are choosing a lawyer to handle your maritime law case. For a free initial consultation with a friendly lawyer, who has spent a lot of time at sea himself, contact us today.

Attorneys at Our Firm
Client Reviews
John has helped me get my pay. He REALLY went up to bat for me, I can't recommend him highly enough.
There are very few people I trust in this world but John Merriam is at the top of my list he not only is a man of outstanding character and morals as well as honest but he truly cares about his clients well being and situation… Matthew
I lost most of my vision from an accident at sea. Gordon handled my case with motivation and haste that I could imagine would have been the way he would have handled it if it had been him who was injured. I was ver impressed by how much he cared and especially his work ethic. Andrew
Gordon helped me and family get through a very hard time. I was severely injured, and Gordon was able to settle my case for more than i was hoping for. If anything else happens he will be the first person I call. Kerrey
I very much appreciated the sense of urgency that Gordon Webb demonstrated as he handled my case. Emails and phone calls were returned almost instantly, questions were answered and solutions were offered. Gordon's firm came highly recommended and I am very pleased that I made the right choice to hire him. Maureen